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About Brooklyn Sweeps in Dallas, TX

Below is our story (the story of Brooklyn Sweeps) and why you are getting the best when you select Brooklyn Sweeps, Inc; thanks in advance for your business and thanks for allowing us to help make a difference!

I became a father on October 11, 2006, a day I'll never forget for several reasons. One is because my daughter was born premature---at 23 weeks, and only one pound. We spent 5 long months in the neonatal intensive care unit with her as she fought for her life.

There were at least three times that the doctors came to us saying that our daughter may not make it through the night. Not to take you to church, but for us, prayer changes things----and it did just that. My daughter went through a couple of surgeries and had to be on oxygen until she was one year and a half. She's developed so much attitude and personality that it amazes us. We were able to bring her home on March 9th, 2007. She has come a long way and the fight in her, the will in her, says "I will be a force to be reckoned with---I refuse to be defeated or outdone!" She has taught her father a great deal.

The same fight that she has displayed and the attitude of "I will not be defeated", I have taken that and worked it into my everyday life, my work habits, my commitments, etc. This is what my daughter, Brooklyn, has given me; and I want to demonstrate my commitment to excellence through my work because I know I have a little girl depending on me to always do my best and demonstrate integrity in doing business.

I pledge to be the best and my actions will speak much louder than my words. There are three things that will help me be successful: I will be committed to my business, I will exceed my customers' expectations, and I will always communicate. I said a lot, but what I want you to take away is that Brooklyn Sweeps, Inc will add the value that you are seeking. Not only do I want your business, but I'll do what it takes to keep it!

Brooklyn is doing much better, she has come a long way from a pound---she is almost 10 years old. She is not on any medication and her therapist says that she is progressing well above schedule with no setbacks. Also one of the nurses worked for the March of Dimes and she came out to the house to do a story on Brooklyn. She realized that she is a miracle baby; she also has used her story to lobby for more money from congress for the research of premature babies.

Brooklyn was also featured (with her Dad) on the February 2008 issue of Pulse Magazine. Brooklyn, as you can see below, is truly an Angel and a blessing; she is currently modeling for various agencies and getting into everything that she can.

One day her Mom and Dad are going to put her to work behind the wheel of one of her street sweepers!